Shiny Happy People

Imagine being in the company 2500 people who all smile at you and make eye contact with you as you walk past them. Who engage in meaningful and stimulating conversation. Who are not complaining about anything.  Happy people. Shiny people. Shiny Happy People.

One third of the folks I had the honor to spend the week with were from other countries. Our colors, minds, hopes, dreams, ambitions, disciplines, motivations melded together. We were one.

I sometimes wish we all looked the same. I wish we didn’t see each other from the outside first. I wish we all shined bright and were just white masses that emitted a brilliant light. Our age,  body type, skin color, hair color, height, weight, religion, and and and, would not define us.

If we all looked the same then we would have to actually talk to one another to find a connection, or not. However at least we made the effort and a conscious decision, not a superficial one.

I talked to everyone I could and smiled at everyone I met. No judgement based on anything. I knew we were all together for a common purpose of finding ways to add value to people. What if we gave that same chance to people outside of an organized event that attracted like minded people? What if, for a change, were blind to physical form, and connected with the essence of someone. What would our world be like?

I chose to regard the 2499 people I met this week as white masses of brilliance, emitting love, passion, and a desire to leave the world better than they found it. I’m holding hope for all humanity.


on writing

i have a lot to say and then two things happen. i am afraid of what others will think and i’m afraid of looking bad. the older i get the less it matters.

i have amazing things to accomplish in this world, and I surround myself with people who lift me up. is that an alternative reality? can i make that case that i can surely find someone who shares my cause?

when like-minded people come together it’s a cause.

i’m surrounded by 2499 people at a John Maxwell international conference and I have met amazing people with amazing ideas. To think is surely to create.

in particular, when i escaped the buffet line and opted for a seat at the bar with spaghetti, meatballs and 2 glasses of pinot, and met two incredible women who want to start a coaching practice for spouses of first responders. We have enough ideas, what we need is execution – Seth Godin.

Of all the themes in the last two days, I know these to be truths:

  1. Write and write often
  2. Execution is more critical than ideas
  3. Be different and bold in your thinking. Well-behaved women seldom make history
  4. Connection is key
  5. Enrollment is key.
  6. Be contagious

My head is exploding with information as it typically does when I attend conferences like these. However, the stories of courage, overcoming obstacles, human kindness and perseverance, wealth building, business building, are overwhelming.

The synergy at this conference is palpable. Everyone, I mean everyone smiles at you.

Although I’m in Orlando, the JMT IMC is the happiest place on earth.















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My 2012 Book List

  • January – The 7 Powers of Questions  Dorothy Leads
  • February – The Art of War for Women, Chin Ning Chu
  • March –  Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman
  • April – Presenting to Win, Jerry Weissman
  • May – Drive The surprising truth about what motivates us, Daniel Pink
  • June – The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership   John Maxwell
  • July – Lead with Love, Ken Blanchard
  • August – Ethics for the New Millenium, Dalai Lama
  • September – Developing the Leader within you , John Maxwell
  • October- Relationships are Everything, Muriel McLellan
  • November – Today Matters, John Maxwell
  • December???…SUGGESTIONS??