In Between

“I don’t know why I go to extremes. Too high or too low, their ain’t no in between.” Billy Joel

In between is the sweet spot. The place where we find the seemingly elusive balance. Where the pendulum rests.

Decisions are often are made in extremes as a result of something going too far. An argument, a policy, a death. As if going to the completely other side will somehow bring balance and the pendulum will rest. But gravity is inevitable and the pendulum slowly swings back to center – in between.

In between can also be a place where guilt resides when we don’t do enough. Or, when we do too much and our relationships and health suffer.

However in between is where we find solutions. Where we compromise and seek first to understand – first inside ourselves then with others. In between is judgement free. In between is where forgiveness and love live.

“The space between is where you’ll find me waiting for you.” Dave Matthews.


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