Be You, or Bust

Cristiano Ronaldo poses next to the bronze bust.
Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Imagine being honored with a bronze statue to immortalize you and at the unveiling the statue is said to look like someone else? Does that invalidate the artists work or make it any less of a masterpiece?

Participants at a recent Q and A with best selling author and speaker Seth Godin, were hungry for the magic formula that led to his success. This was a common question asked several different ways. Seth’s formula was simple –  Be You. Write about issues that matter to you. Be causal about your passions. Be inspired by others and add your unique perspective. The world is full of people and places that inspire us! Don’t let what others think stop you from sharing who you are with the world. It’s only their perspective.

Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else. Judy Garland

Only we can create the best version of ourselves, and we are perfect just the way we are. We have everything we need inside of us to be, do and achieve anything and have everything life has to offer.

Be you. You are a masterpiece. Believe it, or bust.


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