Shiny Happy People

Imagine being in the company 2500 people who all smile at you and make eye contact with you as you walk past them. Who engage in meaningful and stimulating conversation. Who are not complaining about anything.  Happy people. Shiny people. Shiny Happy People.

One third of the folks I had the honor to spend the week with were from other countries. Our colors, minds, hopes, dreams, ambitions, disciplines, motivations melded together. We were one.

I sometimes wish we all looked the same. I wish we didn’t see each other from the outside first. I wish we all shined bright and were just white masses that emitted a brilliant light. Our age,  body type, skin color, hair color, height, weight, religion, and and and, would not define us.

If we all looked the same then we would have to actually talk to one another to find a connection, or not. However at least we made the effort and a conscious decision, not a superficial one.

I talked to everyone I could and smiled at everyone I met. No judgement based on anything. I knew we were all together for a common purpose of finding ways to add value to people. What if we gave that same chance to people outside of an organized event that attracted like minded people? What if, for a change, were blind to physical form, and connected with the essence of someone. What would our world be like?

I chose to regard the 2499 people I met this week as white masses of brilliance, emitting love, passion, and a desire to leave the world better than they found it. I’m holding hope for all humanity.


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