on writing

i have a lot to say and then two things happen. i am afraid of what others will think and i’m afraid of looking bad. the older i get the less it matters.

i have amazing things to accomplish in this world, and I surround myself with people who lift me up. is that an alternative reality? can i make that case that i can surely find someone who shares my cause?

when like-minded people come together it’s a cause.

i’m surrounded by 2499 people at a John Maxwell international conference and I have met amazing people with amazing ideas. To think is surely to create.

in particular, when i escaped the buffet line and opted for a seat at the bar with spaghetti, meatballs and 2 glasses of pinot, and met two incredible women who want to start a coaching practice for spouses of first responders. We have enough ideas, what we need is execution – Seth Godin.

Of all the themes in the last two days, I know these to be truths:

  1. Write and write often
  2. Execution is more critical than ideas
  3. Be different and bold in your thinking. Well-behaved women seldom make history
  4. Connection is key
  5. Enrollment is key.
  6. Be contagious

My head is exploding with information as it typically does when I attend conferences like these. However, the stories of courage, overcoming obstacles, human kindness and perseverance, wealth building, business building, are overwhelming.

The synergy at this conference is palpable. Everyone, I mean everyone smiles at you.

Although I’m in Orlando, the JMT IMC is the happiest place on earth.
















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